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2021 Taiwan Climate Action Exposition (TWCAE), Dec 03-05

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Photo: TWCAE venue, Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center, Penglai Warehouse 

The 2021 Taiwan Climate Action Exposition is an annual climate meeting hosted by the ICDI to discuss climate change challenges and foster climate action. The event provides a platform for central ministries, local governments, academia, industries, and civil society to communicate and exchange ideas on the climate and our environment.  


Being the first ever large-scale climate exposition held in Taiwan, the three-day event arranges exhibition booths, informative speeches, and in-person activities to open discussions on a series of topics, including Building Net-Zero Resilient Cities, Enterprises’ response to Climate Change, Green Energy Industry, and Civil Society’s role in Climate Change. 


TWCAE is a non-profit educational event that engages with the theme of “baseball” as a representation of the beloved sport activity in Taiwan. The idea of baseball playing aims to appeal to government sectors, businesses, and civil society.TWCAE operates along the goal of climate action and is determined to help facilitate achieving national targets of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

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