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2022 Global Smart Solution Report

Green Investment and Innovative Technology

Call for City Solutions!

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During COP23, global and regional leaders have issued the Bonn-Fiji Commitment, signifying the strong commitment and intention of local and regional leaders working in partnership with all levels of government to achieve the Paris Agreement. With the vision to put the commitment into practice and live up to sustainable development goals, International Climate Development Institute (ICDI) and ICLEI Kaohsiung Capacity Center (ICLEI KCC) co-announced a 2019 Global Smart Solution Report Initiative in March, 2018 to call for city solutions. After a year of communication with global cities, the first issue of Global Smart Solution Report was successfully launched in 2019. The report is published every year.


2022 Global Smart Solution Report

According to the UN Statistics, two-thirds of the global population are expected to live in cities by 2050, meaning that the demands of citizens will increase sharply in the future. In order to reduce environmental impact of urban growth, local governors should make policies more sustainable and smarter. Based on this viewpoint, the theme of 2022 Global Smart Solution Report is GREEN INVESTMENT and INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY.


Green investment refers to assets that are in some way defined as green, e.g. a renewable energy company, or a thematic green fund managing assets, or a carbon credit, according to the definition of OECD. In other words, the focus of this kind of investment activity is committed toward the preservation of the environment. In the recent decades, more and more local governors believe that smart technology is a primary and efficient tool for making better decisions and delivering a better quality of life.

To encourage cross-border exchange and cooperation, we sincerely invite leaders from the public and private sectors to share city-based solutions, and the submitted cases will be evaluated through the following seven criteria: Compatibility, Innovation, Effectiveness, Replicability, Scalability, Ecological responsibility, and Human-based approach.



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