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2019 Asia Pacific Climate Service Workshop

October , 2019

​ICDI , in cooperation with the CWB,  and GERICS,  CIER  hold the Asia Pacific Climate Service Workshop in Taipei in October 2019.

The workshops discuss the practice of climate service for the Asia Pacific Countries , share the experiences of countries in promoting the cross-domain application of climate services, discuss the convergence issues from climate science to climate services, and analyze cases of introducing climate products and services in various application fields.


2019 Climate Service Workshop

June 11, 2019

​ICDI , in cooperation with the CWB,  and National Taiwan University (NTU), EBRD, Ørsted , PVGSA, TABC,  CIER,  EY hold the 2nd Climate Service Workshop in Taipei in June 2019.

The workshops discuss the practice of climate service for the industry, focusing on the four major aspects of energy,  architecture , engineering ,  health, and climate finance.  

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Cross-Discipline Climate Service Research 

2016 - 2018

According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), climate services provide climate information to help individuals and organizations make climate smart decisions. The meteorological and non-meteorological data is collected and transformed into customized products such as projections, trends, economic analysis and services for different user communities. Climate services equip decision makers in climate-sensitive sectors with better information to help society adapt to climate variability and change.

ICDI takes stock of national and international cases and policies of climate services. In the recent three year, the research team focused on sectors of “energy”, “public health ” and “agriculture and food production”, and reviewed 20 cases of implemented climate services.

ICDI, in cooperation with the Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS), National Development Council (NDC) and National Taiwan University (NTU), conducted a questionnaire survey  to climate service providers in Taiwan.  The partners co-organized a seminar on climate change adaptation and a workshop on climate service in Taipei in October 2018.

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